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An unprecedented game, Human or Vampire! Experience it now.

Paradise: a mysterious world in which the souls of dead humans live on. Now that the end of the paradise is imminent because of the vampires who were guarding the frontiers, only the king of the paradise can save it from the crisis. Now, an adventure to become the king of the paradise begins.

Game Features

  • Strategic Combat
    You can create an even more strategic battle by using the terrains in the turn-based battles. The battles are carried out in a party-play basis, and the aspects of the battle will change depending on the ranks and terrains of the party that you have configured. In addition, the skills of your colleagues create various effects with a wide range and target.
  • Suspenseful dungeon progress
    Human or Vampire contains various dungeons that are created randomly. Map exploration is essential in order to escape a dungeon. Beware of the dungeon boss, who appears out of nowhere and sends you various patterns of threats. You already have a supply of items and equipment that will help you progress through the dungeon.
  • Recruit colleagues with diverse characteristics
    Recruit your colleagues who will go on an adventure with you. There are various occupations that allow your colleagues' unique characters to stand out. You can train your colleagues to become even stronger through various contents that include closeness, monster element, party analysis, and so on.
  • Develop a special main character
    Grow your main character. The main character is the only creature in the game that is both human and vampire. You can change their occupation whenever you want to, and learn advanced skills from your colleagues. You can enjoy the game in various ways depending on how you utilize your main character.

Available now for Android and iOS.
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